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Clipping Path and Masks around your image and isolates them from the background, making it transparent to be used for further use in Graphic Design. CPI provides the best designers from India with US Management support to eliminate the outsourcing barrier. We use fully hand-drawn clipping paths and masking techniques for zero tolerance quality results. We offer low price for Clipping Path and Photoshop Masking service to eliminate your routine works in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing. CPI globally provides the best value (High quality at low cost) with flat rate for well defined complexity levels. CPI can provide minimum 6 hour turnaround time based on complexity and amount of images to be manipulated. CPI provides 24/7 and 365 Days services, due to holiday & time-zone differences between the West and India.

What is clipping path?

Clipping Path is a Vector Masking technique in many Image Manipulation softwares like: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDraw, etc. Clipping Path creates a virtual outline around the desired image that needs be isolated or extracted from the rest of the unwanted pixels or bitmaps. Clipping Path never becomes a part of the original image or changes any pixel in the image. It creates a mask around the image to make the unwanted pixels transparent. Clipping Path is a special type of Photoshop Path that helps the image to clip-out the unwanted pixel. In Photoshop, the Paths are drawn with Pentool and then the Photoshop Path is saved as Clipping Path with desired Flatness.

Why Clipping Path is better?

There are many options in Photoshop and other Image Manipulation software to create transparent background, like: Extract Filter, Magic Wand, Quick Mask, etc. None of this these options can provide the crispy outlook of cutout images other than Clipping Path. Moreover, for complex images, some of the other options can take more time. However, in terms of quality of cutout, the is no match for hand-drawn Clipping Path in Photoshop.


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  3. Communication was incredible, Expert Clipping was just as on task if not more than I was! Expert Clipping is great to work with if you're looking for quality work and great communication in the process. I've hired Expert Clipping's Team to create additional product images, banners, etc. for me as Expert Clipping has the vision that I don't have when it comes to design and what looks good - highly recommend!

  4. For background removing clipping path service is used its worked for shadow making also.

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